Alana Church

Lesbian Lovers' Boy-Toy

Brandon's parents died when he was a child, but his aunt and her female lover raised him. Now Brandon is grown up, and his hot, sexy mothers are looking at him in a whole new way. What's a guy to do when his two sexy mothers want to take him to bed? Find out in “My Mothers Are MILFs!”

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Janice heard her first. Her climax had left her limp, lying across her son’s chest as they slowly caught their breath. For a while she had been simply content to revel in the moment, combing his hair with her fingers as their bodies came down from the natural high of sex. The sun had gone down as they made love, and a fall twilight seeped in through the closed curtains, providing the only light in the dim room.

A noise downstairs made her lift her head slightly from where it had rested, pillowed on Brandon’s shoulder. Her lips curled in a smile, but she kept her body calm. Nothing could keep what had happened a secret. And besides, why would she want to? She and Brandon were lovers now. Even if Maureen tried to separate them, which she did not believe for a minute would happen, there was no way she would give him up.

His shaft shifted inside her, and she squeezed it with her sheath. His sigh of pleasure almost, but not quite, hid the creaking sound of Maureen climbing the stairs.

“What?” He lifted himself up on his elbows, his eyes wide and panicked.

“Shhhh,” she soothed him, rolling off as the door opened. Maureen stood framed in the light of the hallway.

“Oh.” She snorted, her lips quirked in an expression Janice had seen many times before. Half exasperation, half loving amusement. “So this is where the two of you are.”

“Hi, Mo,” she laughed. “I won!”
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