Chloe Flowers

The Heart of a Siren

A deathbed confession.

A dark plot of revenge.

Enemies are closing in.

Will her charade be uncovered?

Her life depends on her playing the part of a galley boy. She must rely on her wits and skill with a blade to both survive and defend the man she loves.

He has secret cargo to deliver, but when pirates kidnap the impetuous beauty who claims his heart, his plans go awry. Rescuing her turns out to be the easy part.

Then she disappears.

Has he lost her forever?

You will adore the Hart Trilogy because the characters are spirited, the plot is exciting and the villains are wicked.

Join the adventure!

*Heart of a Tempest, Heart of a Siren and Heart of a Bride is a trilogy that follows Keelan Grey and Landon Hart on their adventure of discovery and a love of a lifetime. Two hearts have never battled more to be together…

*Prefer sexy romance instead? Check out The Pirates & Petticoats Series!
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