Chloe Flowers

The Heart of a Tempest

If You Give a Smuggler a Secret

He will never give up his ship. 

She will never marry a man of the sea.

Will their passion for each other lead to love or betrayal?

But…if you give a smuggler a secret, he’ll demand a kiss to keep it.

Life in 1811 Charleston, South Carolina isn’t as it seems. Keelan's dying father thinks an arranged marriage will protect her, but she devises a risky scheme of her own.

Landon's rakish sense of humor is inviting and distracting…

But will his dangerous secrets put them both in jeopardy?

Will her plotting destroy any chance for them to be together?

In a tricky world of high-society, backroom dealings, and pirates, this fiery, green-eyed beauty may be in over her head. She can’t let anything get in her way…even romance.

You’ll love the historical Hart Trilogy because the stakes are high, the plot twists and two hearts have never battled harder to be together…

Get it now.

*If You Give a Smuggler a Secret, If You Give a Rake a Reason and If You Give a Hellion Your Heart is a trilogy that follows Keelan Grey and Landon Hart on their adventure of discovery and a love of a lifetime.

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