Chloe Flowers

The Heart of a Spy

He steals for the French crown.

She heals for the Catholic church.

Will he heal her heart…or will she steal his?

Will he betray her to save her life?

Drago's final mission from the king of France is to bring back religious relics from a New Orleans cathedral. Trouble begins when he's forced by a mysterious, novitiate nun to swear to protect the very items he has to steal.

Why does she hide behind a veil?

The convent has been her safe haven since she crawled, beaten and bloody, to its door nine years ago.

Old enemies resurface…bringing her past back with them.

When the British attack New Orleans, both must make hard choices. 4,000 ragtag Americans against 15,000 trained British soldiers fresh from a victory at Waterloo…

How can an unredeemable spy and a reformed street rat help defeat the greatest military force in the world?

What readers have to say:

“Start the coffee.”

”Set against the backdrop of the famous Battle of New Orleans, This story will have you turning pages into the wee hours of the night.

If you love pirates, history, humor, and a bit of romance you will love this newly released book by Chloe Flowers because the author has a way with historical fiction that enthralls and entertains.”

“Dramatic, engrossing, suspenseful, exciting.”

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