The Passenger, Lisa Lutz
Lisa Lutz

The Passenger

295 printed pages
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Tanya DuBois doesn’t exist.At least not after an accident leaves her husband dead and makes her Suspect No. 1. She has one choice: Run. Tanya isn’t real, and neither is Amelia Keen, Debra Maze, or any of her other aliases. She is “Amelia” when she meets Blue, another woman with a life she’d rather not discuss, and thinks she’s found her kindred spirit. But their pasts and futures clash as the body count rises around them…
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antoniasaric368shared an impressionlast month
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Honestly when I started to read it, it seemed boring but I was so wrong. As I turned more pages, the story got more and more interesting. I could not put my tablet down and I have read this book in one take. Love it, 5 stars.

jashgadzamashared an impression4 years ago
👍Worth reading

sedefatesli2004shared an impression3 years ago
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My heart was broken just once. But completely.
A wink is a difficult gesture to master and yet practiced by volumes of men who lack the panache to pull it off
In my experience people don’t go far out of their way for a complete stranger unless they want something.

That is not far from the truth

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