The Romance of Lust / A classic Victorian erotic novel, Anonymous

The Romance of Lust / A classic Victorian erotic novel

A Victorian erotic novel written anonymously in four volumes during the years 1873–1876.
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🙈Lost On Me
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Fathmath Midhufa
Fathmath Midhufashared an impression3 months ago
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MG Ling
MG Lingshared an impression9 months ago

A simple tale of lust. Well told,


Although not tall for my age, nor outwardly presenting a manly appearance, my passions were awakening, and the distinctive feature of my sex, although in repose it looked magnificent enough, was very sufficiently developed when under the influence of feminine excitement.
threw her into an extasy of delight, until again she had a delicious discharge. Then creeping up, I thrust my prick into her well-moistened and velvety cunt—as you may imagine it was rampant as ever after my mouth contact with the exquisite quim I had been sucking.
was raised, and again, with a sharp
I could not help feeling what a different effect these endearments would have had twenty-four hours earlier
The delicious folds of her luscious juicy quim began to throb and press on my excited member.

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