James Blaylock

The Disappearing Dwarf

Second in the fantasy trilogy set in “a magical world, magically presented . . . having journeyed there, you will not wish to leave, nor ever forget” (Philip K. Dick).
Jonathan Bing, Master Cheeser, has been growing a bit bored in Twombly Town. So it’s no surprise that when Professor Wurzle suggests a trip downriver, Jonathan jumps at the chance. A visit to the Evil Dwarf Selznak’s abandoned castle leads to a treasure hunt, but also to the discovery that Jonathan’s old friend the Squire has vanished, and that Selznak may be involved.
Jonathan—accompanied by his wonderpooch Ahab, the Professor, and Miles the Magician—will have to set off to darkest Balumnia, to the city of Landsend, to find the treasure, and the Squire. And to make matters worse, Selznak will be there, too . . .
The delightful sequel to The Elfin Ship by World Fantasy and Philip K. Dick award winner James P. Blaylock. The Disappearing Dwarf was first published in 1983.
“If you have any love for Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, or mouth-watering descriptions of all sorts of food and drink, then these books are for you . . . It’s filled with Blaylock’s nearly trademarked bits of whimsy and characters driven by strange monomanias.” —Black Gate
340 printed pages
Original publication

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