James Blaylock

The Stone Giant

Third in the Balumnia Trilogy from the author of The Elfin Ship and The Disappearing Dwarf, “a singular American fabulist” (William Gibson).
Jonathan Bing wasn’t the first citizen of Twombly Town to have a run-in with Selznak the Dwarf.
Meet the young Theophile Escargot, aggrieved former citizen of Twombly Town. Divorced, exiled, and humiliated (all for the crime of eating his own pie), he sets off down the Oriel River in search of a fetching barmaid, only to find himself traveling by submarine into fabled Balumnia, where is he is beset on all sides by an evil dwarf, a piratical elf, a stone giant, and an unlucky bag of marbles.
With a little help, Escargot must rescue his true love, save the elves, and—most importantly—redeem his dignity.
Revisit the world of The Elfin Ship and The Disappearing Dwarf, and discover where the adventures began.
“Blaylock crafted a story of engaging characters, cozy settings, and goofy adventures. Escargot is one of the most likable and ridiculous rogues in fantasy. His evolution from layabout and pie-thief to actual hero is terrific.” —Black Gate
Praise for the Balumnia Trilogy
“A magical world, magically presented… having journeyed there, you will not wish to leave, nor ever to forget.”—Philip K. Dick
368 printed pages
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