James Blaylock

The Last Coin

A biblical betrayal drives this trilogy from the World Fantasy Award–winning author, “a singular American fabulist” (William Gibson).
The price of immortality . . .
Two thousand years ago, there lived a man who sold some valuable information for a fee of thirty silver coins. His name was Judas Iscariot and he is no longer with us. The coins, however, still exist—and still hold an elusive power over all who claim them . . .
Like Andrew Vanbergen, whose attempts at innkeeping bring in stranger business than he ever expected.
And Aunt Naomi, whose most prized family heirloom is a silver spoon—with a curiously ancient-looking engraving.
And especially old Mr. Pennyman, who is only five silver coins short of immortality . . .
The Last Coin should confirm Blaylock’s position as a trendsetter, breaking new ground rather than just exploring the old.” —San Francisco Chronicle
“Against a lyric vision of the Southern California coast, cosmic conspiracy theories bump heads in a gleeful farce to produce another strange and wonderful book from the idiosyncratic author of Homunculus and Land of Dreams.” —Publishers Weekly
“Weird and wonderful touches abound; Blaylock makes good use of his coastal setting, extracting his own brand of magic from familiar places and familiar things. While Biblical conspiracies and revisionist scriptures are all the rage now, Blaylock got the jump on the current crop by several years.” —SFF Chronicles
410 printed pages
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