Joseph Benner

The Impersonal Life

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Joseph Benner (1872–1938) was an American author, Spiritual writer, and Representative of the Brotherhood of Christ who used the pen name “Anonymous.” He was the first to introduce the Knowledge and Teachings of the Impersonal Life (also known as the “I AM” Teaching) to the world in his first book, “The Impersonal Life”. Benner taught that Christ's proclaiming “I AM” indicated “the true spirit that resides in every human being.” In the 1960s Elvis Presley was introduced to Benner's work by his guru, Larry Geller. In the last 13 years of his life, Presley gave away hundreds of copies of the book, The Impersonal Life. A copy was allegedly with him on the night he died.
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    Dianiquahas quoted5 years ago
    first changing your attitude toward all these things you now think are not what they ought to be.
    Dianiquahas quoted5 years ago
    Now, if you are strong enough to bear it; If you can put aside all your private personal fancies, beliefs and opinions, which are but the rubbish you have gathered from the dumping grounds of others;
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