Nick Shepley

Addiction & Recovery

All the best recovery meetings I have ever been to start with a story, so I will tell you mine. If you identify with it – good – but try to look for the similarities and not the differences. Addiction and Recovery is contains teachings from many different sources; some are the ideas of eminent psychologists, others are from the pages of spiritual books and the minds of spiritual thinkers. Much of the book combines aspects of the AA 12 Step Programme. However, this book is not endorsed by them it might challenge you in places, ask you to at least entertain a few new ideas or give you directions to places you’ve dreamt of visiting all your life but have never believed you could reach, but for now, think of it as sanctuary.
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  • B-Matt Manyongahas quoted4 years ago
    pain of no longer being in the world, of being a bystander in your own life, a prisoner, sentenced to monotonous days and lonely nights.
  • B-Matt Manyongahas quoted4 years ago
    You were put here in this world to experience sorrow and joy in equal measure, and you can’t have one without the other.
  • B-Matt Manyongahas quoted4 years ago
    Some people suffer from an overactive Ego and we addicts are prisoners to an Ego that resembles something more like the fascist dictator of the mind.
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