A Joosr Guide to… The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz, Joosr

A Joosr Guide to… The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

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What are the hardest things about being a CEO or entrepreneur, the ones that no one will tell you about? And how can you prepare yourself for these in order to be more successful? Find out about the true challenges of running a company, and learn how to overcome them with total confidence.

The Hard Thing about Hard Things reveals the often-overlooked downsides of being the person at the top. While being a CEO may seem exciting, when it comes down to you to lay off employees or disappoint your team, the job can lose its sparkle. By learning about some of the common challenges faced by business owners and of effective techniques for managing them, you can prepare yourself to handle whatever the corporate world throws your way.

You will learn:

· The right way to lay off employees whilst still retaining staff trust

· The negative consequences of political employee behavior and how to minimize this

· What questions you need to ask yourself in tricky situations to make the right decisions for your business.
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Третья производная, оригинальная книга сведена до банальностей. Читать не советую.

emilia2001foreverhas quoted7 months ago
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Лена Дешина
Лена Дешинаhas quoted10 months ago
As the CEO, the morale of your company is your responsibility. Because of this, many business owners are advised to radiate positivity at all times, reassuring their employees that all is well, even when it is not. Such guidance asserts that the worse things get, the more positive and sunny you should be. The problem is that this kind of behavior doesn’t fool anyone, and it can send a poor message to your employees. Hon
Alexandro  Podkopaev
Alexandro Podkopaevhas quoted3 years ago
“Business politics” refers to the tactics used by an individual to advance their career in a way outside of contribution or merit. This self-serving behavior can hinder the performance of your other employees and make your company less effective as a whole. You may hate business politics and believe that you would never encourage such behavior. However, if it has occurred in your company, then you have been encouraging it
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