Robert Burton

The Anatomy of Melancholy

One of the richest, most inexhaustible books in the English language,The Anatomy of Melancholy is an elaborately systematized medical treatise dealing with various morbid mental states — their causes, symptoms, and cures — as well as a compendium of memorable utterances on the human condition in general, compiled from classical, scholastic, and contemporary sources.
2,101 printed pages

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    Clau Godoyhas quoted6 months ago
    Change of times, and the frivolity of fashion, suspended, in some degree, that fame which had lasted near a century; and the succeeding generation affected indifference towards an author, who at length was only looked into by the plunderers of literature,
    b3153095960has quoted3 years ago
    and safe from the influence and blight of any future caprices of fashion
    Fifa Bouhas quoted3 years ago
    Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci.
    He that joins instruction with delight,
    Profit with pleasure, carries all the votes

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