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How To Analyze People With Dark Psychology

How To Analyze People: Dark Psychology

Have you ever been manipulated to do something you didn't want to do, and not even know you were manipulated before it was too late!?
Mind control and forced hypnosis is still science fiction, however it's a fact that manipulators gain control over their targets through subtle social cues and persuasion tactics.
Nobody is immune to manipulation, but there are ways you can stop manipulation dead in its tracks!
Whether you're at your workplace, social setting, family functions, outdoors, and even among friends you need to be able to identify and spot manipulation before its too late!
The fact is that everyone uses persuasion to differing degrees. From the Police, Lawyers, salesmen, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. Simply put the art of persuasion isn't anything new, but has existed since ancient times. Persuasion can be defined as convincing someone to agree to your terms and arrangements.
There's nothing fundamentally wrong with persuasion, ordinary everyday people engage in this behavior at different points in their lives. Perhaps you want a pay raise from your boss, thus you need to be able to persuade him to justify your wage increase.
The problem arises when people intentionally use persuasion for malicious purposes and to take advantage of the vulnerable by using under handed tactics to prey on unsuspecting victims.
In this book you will learn how to identify people with malicious intent, dark psychology, spot persuasion tactics, and the art of seduction.

What You'll Learn

— Negotiation

— Dark Psychology Vs Normal Psychology

— Understanding Human Behavior

— How to Identify Manipulation

— The Art of Persuasion

— Abnormal Behavior, Social Cues & Seduction

— Historic Case Studies of Psychopaths

— And Much, Much, More!

This is your chance to get ahead of your peers and be one step ahead of everyone you come across by breaking down their true intentions which manifest through body language, micro expressions and other para-verbal activities.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity to learn psychology at an affordable price. Normal books on psychology can easily retail over $100s of dollars, but I give you this psychology guide for a fraction of the cost to give you insights on how dark psychology works, and how you can spot manipulation and be liberated. Before its too late!

Equip yourself with the knowledge of the many intricacies to dark psychology combined with historical psychological case studies all jam packed into this one convenient guide. This is all you'll ever need to become a master at the art of analyzing dark psychology. Spot manipulation fast so you will never become a victim!

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