Harry Harrison

The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell

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In book after book, one outrageous adventure after another, Harry Harrison has chronicled the wild and fast-paced exploits of the universe’s greatest thief and con artist: Slippery Jim diGriz, alias the Stainless Steel Rat. Now the Rat returns in his most devilish caper yet. DiGriz is strenuously fighting boredom on a ritzy pleasure planet when his beloved wife, Angelina, disappears while visiting the Temple of Eternal Truth, an enigmatic institution that promises its wealthy patrons a sneak peek at Heaven—for a price. The Temple’s scam offends that Rat’s professional sensibilities. It’s one thing to fleece the idle rich of their cash; stealing their souls is something else entirely. Besides, he wants his wife back. DiGriz immediately calls in the troops, including his twin sons, Bolivar and James, and a sexy superspy named Sybil. With his friends and family at his side, and armed with his own survival ability and experience, he thinks he’s ready for anything, but he never expects to find himself banished to Hell, complete with man-eating devils with horns and pointed tails. After years of gleeful criminality, has divine judgment caught up with the Rat at last? Of course not.
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    Arthur Mhas quoted4 years ago
    Surrounded by the unnildecnovum, entropy is reversed. Instead of getting older, tireder, senescent-I grow younger, energeticer, youthfuler. And the more unnildeenovum I add to the sphere the faster reverse entropy moves. So you see what I am offering you? Eternity. Join me and live forever! One of these entropy shells could be yours.”
    Arthur Mhas quoted4 years ago
    Warily, spread out with our weapons ready, we walked down the valley. It was peaceful and serene and undoubtedly very dangerous.
    Arthur Mhas quoted4 years ago
    How I wish I could kill you, diGriz. That was my primary mistake. If I had killed you the first time I saw you none of this would have happened.”

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