Planet of the Damned, Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison

Planet of the Damned

196 printed pages
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Brion Brandd was chosen for the mission because he was the very best of the best. It is up to him to avert a nuclear war, but even all his training and intelligence might not be enough to save a world. Nothing is as it seems and every action could be his last. This tightly plotted adventure novel was nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award.
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Planet of the Damned, Harry Harrison
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Anton Adigamov
Anton Adigamovhas quotedlast year
Each year there were two planet-wide contests held, one for men and one for women. This was not an attempt at sexual discrimination, but a logical facing of facts. Inherent differences prevented fair contests—for example, it is impossible for a woman to win a large chess tournament—and this fact was recognized.
Mykola Kobets
Mykola Kobetshas quotedlast year
the button-tipped length of shining steel that hovered before him, engaging his own weapon.

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It could also kill—
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