Wallace Kelly

Creating A Charmed Life

Wishes Can Come True!

Whether you purchased this book on enchantments to find true love, change your financial situation, increase good luck, protect yourself, cleanse your aura, or any other topic, I want you to know that wishes can come true. I’ve experienced it in my life countless times and have seen it work again and again for friends, family, and clients. It can work for you too!

It's Simply Energy At Work

I’ve used enchantments to find true love, money, life purpose, happiness, and to cleanse out the negative people and energies from my life. There’s no end to how these simple yet powerful rituals can help you in your personal and professional life. Best of all, there's nothing secret or out-of-reach about this. This is the 21st century. Why be afraid of your natural powers to attract what you desire? All you're doing is manipulating your energy field; there should be nothing weird or spooky about it.

You Know What You Need

For more than two decades I’ve done these very types of blessings for my friends, family, and clients in person and soon offered them online as well. Although I enjoy helping others, I find that enchantments work so much better if you can learn to do them yourself. Your heart and soul know what you need and desire most, which will only make your rituals that much stronger.

In this book, I tried to cover issues that people often seek help for; those areas of our lives that are often empty or stressful. These are the same enchantments I have used in my personal and professional life, and they have brought the best results for my clients and me.
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