Wallace Kelly

Best Friends Better Lovers

“Best friends make the best lovers…”

Trevor Scott and Lil Campbell have been best friends since childhood and both have come to terms that they will forever remain single. Lil is fast approaching thirty and decides to become a single mother, though she needs a “donor.”

After talking things over with Trevor and thinking of everyone they can and declaring nobody suitable enough, Trevor offers his services. What starts out as a “business only” baby-making project, soon turns into days and nights of wild passion they never knew they could share.

Lil, always the logical and stable one, wonders if getting pregnant by Trevor was such a good idea since she now wants him in the husband and father role as well. But will Trevor let his haunted past destroy any chance at a happy family life?
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    👍Worth reading


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    Have you seen his hands? All that grease
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    I am not going to start bawling

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