Wallace Kelly

Hellraiser (Erotic Romance – Romantic Comedy)

“Romantic comedy at its best! Hellraiser is hilarious, heart-warming, and downright sizzling. If only reality was this much fun…and hot!”

After a painful divorce that left him a bitter workaholic, Dr. Zach Taylor wants to get as far away from his ex-wife and Los Angeles as possible. He needs a slower pace than the ER he's worked at for several years and thinks his best friend, Tom, has gotten him a position with a geriatric practice in Baltimore.

When Zach arrives he discovers that the elderly male doctor he was expecting to find turns out to be a kooky lady pediatrician who loves old TV shows, corny jokes, and wins over her young patients by wearing crazy costumes.

At first, Zach is fuming mad, knowing Tom is playing matchmaker and has set him up, but figures the shock treatment will do him some good. Although he's sworn off women until his heart heals, he can't deny that Dr. Sam Winslow makes his mouth water.

Sam is eager to meet her new partner since she can really use the help, but when Dr. Zach Taylor arrives with a scowl on his face and an aversion to children, she's ready to send him packing, though knows she could never do it.

A perpetual nurturer, she can't help but add Zach's wounded soul to her list of urgent cases. Besides, she has to admit that the man is gorgeous and has her libido turning somersaults.

It isn't long before Zach is falling under Sam's spell and giving in to his lust. Soon he finds that maybe love can be different for him this time around.
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    Then I’d be more pissed about having the crappy habit in the first place. You’re paying to give yourself lung cancer? I thought accountants were smarter than that.
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