Cailean McCarrick Geary

Kelsey Shining Bright

The school year is just beginning, and twelve-year-old Kelsey Baker has a lot on her mind. September brings opportunities for new friendships, beginning when Allie Anderson moves in next door. The girls bond over Allie's interest in learning about Kelsey's Deafness, as well as their shared love of running. They quickly become friends and are excited to join their school's cross country team together. But Kelsey soon wonders whether she has to pretend to be someone she isn't in order to be a part of the team. Plus, balancing her old friendships with her new ones and dealing with less-than-kind classmates are both much more difficult than she thought. She wonders where she fits in and whether her family and friends really understand her. Kelsey needs to bring her different worlds together, but how? This year will test her courage, patience, and confidence, but, despite it all, Kelsey's shining positivity and determination will lead her to realize who she truly is: a girl of many colors.
195 printed pages
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