Cailean McCarrick Geary

Cailean McCarrick Geary was born on November 5, 1993, in New York. Her love of writing began early on and was expressed in poems, stories, and even a hand-printed family newspaper. At the age of ten, she entered a short-story contest for a school English assignment. When her story won the top award and was later published in an anthology, Cailean received all the encouragement she needed to take writing more seriously. She began writing creatively at every opportunity, gradually expanding to longer works. Her first completed novel, Kelsey Shining Bright, was written over a three-year period and incorporates some of her family experiences. Cailean’s interest in Deaf culture is rooted in the signs that she learned and the stories about her Deaf uncle that she heard throughout her youth. The process of writing the novel was a learning experience in many ways, and, hopefully, the product is the first of many more books to come. Cailean enjoys running, reading, watching collegiate sports, venturing into New York City, and spending time with family and friends. A college freshman, Cailean lives in Crestwood, New York, with her parents and two sisters.


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