Anna Mary,Ayshwarya Girish

Puppy Training For Beginners

This book is a complete and thorough guide to dog training and caring. Every dog is different, and their interaction also varies. This book teaches you about dogs' general psychological and behavioral traits and how each one can be approached. Along with that, puppy-proofing, home training, health care, and grooming are also discussed, which is mandatory in raising a dog.

This book will educates you with insightful facts about dog training, and all the requirements for a dog are explained here.  Eliminating bad behaviour is an all-time headache for owners, and the steps to terminate such behaviours are discussed in a simplified manner.

This can be used as a handbook for all the dog owners, which can provide them with all the information from buying the puppy to training them. Major doubts and confusions regarding puppy raising are also answered here, preparing the owners with enough insights to find their adorable dogs.
73 printed pages
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