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Puppy Training Guide

A Dog is man’s best friend, and its relationship with others and you depends on you.

Is it your vision to play fetch with your dog, watching him frolic at the lake, or cuddling up on cold nights? These behaviors you dream of in a puppy do not come naturally. Your puppies need to be trained. The problem with puppies that are not trained is that they grow into untrained dogs. And an untrained dog can be a nuisance.

Anna Mary is a dog trainer with over 7 year’s experience. She is an expert when it comes to training puppies and correcting bad dog behavior. In her book Puppy Training Guide: The Beginners Guide to Puppy Training Basics. She delves into the basics of Puppy training, Puppy Primer, Puppy socialization and how to set the right foundation for the Perfect Companion Dog.

You will learn how to
• Choose puppy based on your lifestyle, household, budget and companionship
• Types of breed and how they learn
• Housetrain your puppy — when to start
• Potty training guidelines
• Puppy Crate training steps — by— steps
• How to work with your little dog to suit your lifestyle
• Puppy food — what, how and when?
• And how to prevent food aggression
• Basics commands for puppy
• Positive Reinforcement — what it is and benefits
• Correcting bad behavior
• Puppy socialization, health and nutrition

It is not enough to spend money acquiring new puppies, they need to be trained. If your goal is to have a well trained dog for a happy home, a perfect companion, then this is the book to read. It will teach you tips and techniques to raise that little puppy before it grows up.

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