Jean Harrison,Beattie Grey

Codependent Cure

Do you want to stop relying on relationships to meet all of your emotional needs? Then keep reading…

Do you need to find love and validation outside of yourself to be able to function properly? Are your abandonment issues so severe that you feel as if one of your limbs is being amputated when someone leaves you?

Like most psychiatric concepts, codependency causes, symptoms, and effects are complicated. In almost all cases, codependency disorder begins in childhood. Of course, all children are completely dependent on their caretakers in the first few years of their life, but as an adult, they shouldn’t be dependent to the extent that it becomes harmful to both themselves and their family.

When you have a codependent personality, you tend to have low self-esteem and turn to anything outside of yourself for comfort, such as alcohol, drugs, relationships, or compulsive behaviors. This can take a toll on your life and leave you in a state of constant fear of abandonment, a compelling need to please and control others, poor communication, lack of boundaries, and obsession with your partner. However, recovering from codependency and healing is possible!

Anyone who struggles with codependent behaviors such as abandonment, trust, assertiveness, people pleasing, and dependency will greatly benefit from reading this book. Codependent Cure: The No More Codependence Recovery Guide for Obtaining Detachment From Codependency will provide you with steps to identify codependent behaviors and strategies to get rid of them for good!

In this book, you’ll discover:

The severity of codependency and its impact on individuals
The real “culprit” who is to blame for your codependency
Which dysfunctional character describes you
Why codependents are dangerous to certain individuals
The horrifying stages of codependency relationships/codependent marriage
The telltale signs of a codependent relationship
A simple technique for setting boundaries to open up the lines of communication
When it’s time pack and leave a toxic relationship
How to make the road to recovery less bumpy
Proven techniques for maintaining your recovery
And much much more!

Many people struggle for years to let go of their codependency, but our codependency workbook provides proven techniques that makes facing codependence much simpler than other codependent books on the market. So if you’re tired of looking for love and validation outside of yourself in order to function, then take control of your life. Order this book and begin your journey today!
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    New experiences bring you outside of your comfort zone and put you into situations that can help you figure out who you are. It also makes you more confident in your abilities
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    A relationship with boundaries is typically much healthier and more sustainable than one without. Having boundaries fosters a relationship in which the desires, needs, and interests of both parties are fairly represented, recognized, and heard.
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    As the codependent gets better, the narcissist only gets worse. And this leaves the codependent to deal with the fact that they've been in a relationship with someone who is extremely selfish, callous, and apathetic

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