Bunny, Jack Thorne
Jack Thorne


53 printed pages
An exhilarating coming-of-age drama for a solo performer.
Fringe First Award, Edinburgh 2010
Scorching heat. A fight. A car chase. A siege. When her boyfriend is attacked on the street, feisty eighteen-year-old Katie is thrust on a white-knuckle ride through one extraordinary evening. Amidst the baying for blood and the longing for love, Katie is forced to decide her future.
'Electrifying combination of streetwise earthiness and heartbreaking vulnerability… terrific' Scotsman
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There’s something about fat people eating, isn’t there? I mean, to be honest, I really quite envy what and how they do it. They look like they don’t just want to eat the cake, they want to eat their fingers for having the temerity – good word, Abe wouldn’t like it – to touch something as nice as the cake. They’re sort of – rabid – you know? I mean, I can tell you
everyone came to my eighteenth-birthday party – I mean, every single one of the twenty-five I invited – and all were important – but also everyone left my birthday party – every single one of the twenty-five – at 10.30 p.m.

Which is not a normal time to leave any birthday party, I know. And that’s what I mean about…

But they were bored and it was quite shit and they thought
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