I Am No One, Patrick Flanery
Patrick Flanery

I Am No One

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382 printed pages
Jeremy O'Keefe, a middle-aged Professor, returns to his native New York after a decade teaching at Oxford, and quickly settles into a lonely rhythm of unfulfilling lectures and long, silent evenings.
His quiet world is suddenly shaken by a series of encounters with a strange young man who presumes an acquaintance, and the arrival of three mysterious packages. And when a haunting figure starts to linger outside his apartment at night, his chilling conviction that he is being watched is seemingly confirmed. As Jeremy's grip on reality shifts and turns, he fears that he will never know whether he can believe his experiences, or whether his mind is in the grip of an irrational obsession.
I Am No One explores the world of surveillance and self-censorship in our post-Snowden lives, where privacy no longer exists and our freedoms are inexorably eroded.
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Yulia Chaplitskaya
Yulia Chaplitskayashared an impression3 months ago

Barely forced myself through the book, it is so very American

b0002645969shared an impression7 months ago

I like it✨

Chan SoVanna
Chan SoVannashared an impressionlast year
🔮Hidden Depths

At the worst, when I was living with Susan and Meredith on 75th Street, we got the occasional drunk in the middle of the night pressing our buzzer and waking us up.
Americans tend not to have a good ear
First and last, I was and would always be an American
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