My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be 'Me'?), Caroline Taggart, J.A.Wines
Caroline Taggart,J.A.Wines

My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be 'Me'?)

127 printed pages
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A runaway hit and Sunday Times bestseller, My Grammar and I has continued to grow in popularity, becoming the go-to guide for grammar. My Grammar and I offers amusing examples of awful grammar, while steering you in the direction of grammatical greatness. Taking you on a tour of the English language through the minefield of rules and conditions that can catch you out, from dangling modifiers to split infinitives, it highlights the common pitfalls that every English language user faces on a day to day basis. Refreshing everything you should have learnt at school and more, My Grammar and I is informative yet entertaining – an ideal buy for any English language enthusiast.
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Oleg Ushakov
Oleg Ushakovshared an impressionlast year
👍Worth reading

Great book for poop reading (while you attend any language-related bachelor degree). A bit hardread for non-native.

Alexey Golub
Alexey Golubshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading
💡Learnt A Lot
💞Loved Up

Great, lighthearted, full of humor, and very educative.

The mess
The messshared an impression2 years ago

It’s useful for learners, and it isn’t boring

Mariahas quoted4 years ago
Capital letters are sometimes referred to as ‘upper case’. This is because manual typesetters kept these letters in the upper drawers of a desk – the upper type case. More frequently used letters were stored on a lower shelf, thus ‘lower case’ letters.
Женя Терский
Женя Терскийhas quoted3 years ago
avoid clichés like the plague
Artem Ablenko
Artem Ablenko has quoted4 days ago
Language is as much a part of how you present yourself – and how other people react to you – as the way you dress. if we alwez rote howeva we pleazd itd b like turning up 2 an interview in ript jeanz n a scruffy t-shirt, y’know? And one wouldn’t dream of doing that, would one?
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