Marty Jopson

The Science of Everyday Life

Have you ever wondered why ice floats and water is such a freaky liquid? Or why chillies and mustard are both hot but in different ways? Or why microwaves don't cook from the inside out?

In this fascinating scientific tour of household objects, The One Show presenter and all-round Science Bloke Marty Jopson has the answer to all of these, and many more, baffling questions about the chemistry and physics of the everyday stuff we use every day.
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    If you pause for a moment and scratch the surface, though, the gleam of fascinating science shines through.
    Joshea Carlhas quoted7 months ago
    Saccharina latissima, or sugar kelp as it is commonly known.
    Sofiahas quoted8 months ago
    What these sugar-free sugar substitutes have in common is that they all bear some structural resemblance to sucrose itself. It therefore comes as no surprise that our taste buds detect them as sweet, as they all possess the key to the sweetness lock.

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