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The House of Atreus

121 printed pages
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  • Marie Shiriaevashared an impression10 months ago
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  • Marie Shiriaevahas quoted10 months ago
    For whoso uncompelled doth follow what is just,
    He ne'er shall be unblest;
    Yea, never to the gulf of doom
    That man shall come.
    But he whose will is set against the gods,
    Who treads beyond the law with foot impure,
    Till o'er the wreck of Right confusion broods—
    Know that for him, though now he sail secure,
    The day of storm shall be; then shall he strive and fail,
    Down from the shivered yard to furl the sail,
    And call on Powers, that heed him nought, to save
    And vainly wrestle with the whirling wave,
    Hot was his heart with pride—
    I shall not fall, he cried.
    But him with watching scorn
    The god beholds, forlorn,
    Tangled in toils of Fate beyond escape,
    Hopeless of haven safe beyond the cape—
    Till all his wealth and bliss of bygone day
    Upon the reef of Rightful Doom is hurled,
    And he is rapt away
    Unwept, for ever, to the dead forgotten world.
  • Marie Shiriaevahas quoted10 months ago
    But who henceforth,
    What man of mortal men, what nation upon earth,
    That holdeth nought in awe nor in the light
    Of inner reverence, shall worship Right
    As in the older day?
  • Marie Shiriaevahas quoted10 months ago
    Wisdom is child of pain, and born with many a tear;

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