Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven, As Revealed in His Own Words


Marina Zala
Marina Zalashared an impression4 years ago
👎Give This a Miss

I should already now that books is below my expectation indeed

Ronald Borgts
Ronald Borgtsshared an impression5 years ago
💡Learnt A Lot

Interesting for those who love Beethoven. He was a passionate, sometimes inconsistent genius. I also liked the picture it painted of the period in which he lived.


Adonai Castañeda
Adonai Castañedahas quoted3 months ago
103. “A musician is also a poet; he also can feel himself transported by a pair of eyes into another and more beautiful world where greater souls make sport of him and set him right difficult tasks.”
ninuca bey
ninuca beyhas quoted4 months ago
How happy I am to be able to wander among bushes and herbs, under trees and over rocks; no man can love the country as I love it. Woods, trees and rocks send back the echo that man desires.”
JN Lafon
JN Lafonhas quoted4 years ago
6. "Truth exists for the wise; beauty for the susceptible heart. They belong together--are complementary."
(Written in the autograph book of his friend, Lenz von Breuning, in 1797.)

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