The Georgics

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    Laura Littlehas quoted2 years ago
    Four chosen bulls of peerless form and bulk,
    That browse to-day the green Lycaean heights
    Laura Littlehas quoted2 years ago
    For seven whole months unceasingly, men say,
    Beneath a skyey crag, by thy lone wave,
    Strymon, he wept, and in the caverns chill
    Unrolled his story, melting tigers' hearts,
    And leading with his lay the oaks along
    Laura Littlehas quoted2 years ago
    But when thou hast gripped him fast with hand and gyve,
    Then divers forms and bestial semblances
    Shall mock thy grasp; for sudden he will change
    To bristly boar, fell tigress, dragon scaled,
    And tawny-tufted lioness, or send forth
    A crackling sound of fire, and so shake of
    The fetters, or in showery drops anon
    Dissolve and vanish. But the more he shifts
    His endless transformations, thou, my son,
    More straitlier clench the clinging bands, until
    His body's shape return to that thou sawest,
    When with closed eyelids first he sank to sleep."
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