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A.I. Abana

Where Is the Father

Where is the Father?
An exhilarating story of a man born into struggle… slogging it out in a time and place where the deadliest terrorist group in the world rained pogrom. A slum-born, poverty-stricken youngster fighting his way against all odds from the trenches of one of the poorest, squalor suburbs in the world to the stardom of a global celebrity… Enter the life of Eby Razi.
How did he do it?… How did he endure thirty-four years of inhumanity, cheating death this so many times? How did he go from being a homeless pauper to a billionaire within ten days!?
This book was inspired by a true life story; it was written to inspire you and to convict you into a sober reflection. Let the story speak to you… What is impossible for men is not impossible with God.
69 printed pages
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Lexis Tuco
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