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How to Choose a Career

                          How to Choose a Career

Making a career choice is a very important life decision, if you are going to commit your time, energy, skills and assets to a career, you cannot be too careful as to what career choice is most befitting.
This book will expose you to profound truths about making career choices which you may never have known. Like an expert advisor, you will be taken through many different “filters” that will weed out career options which are contrary to your best interests.
In this book, you will be learning the fine details of career demand analysis and how this can be a major reason why some careers are more rewarding than others. Using examples, the book outlines in details the effects of attributes on individual success in a career. You will learn how assets and financial requirements can work for or against you. In short, this book will help you cash in on the most rewards for your efforts in a career choice and to leave behind a beautiful legacy if you ever retire.
The book lays out in simple, detailed forms the things you should avoid and the exact things you should insist must be present in your choice of a career.
You will be able to pass as many career options as you want through the steps outlined in this book so you can identify and pick out the most promising ones to the end that you may obtain optimum benefits.
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    Natural Abilities and Attributes
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    As stated before many people don’t know what they want until they see it.
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    You need demand to sell anything.
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