A.I. Abana

Ending Boredom

                                    Ending Boredom: The Missing Fix

Have you been bored of late? Tried to enjoy yourself to no avail? or do you ever feel like life isn't worth living?

Despair no more … You are about to uncover things in this book which many people because they do not know, have lived to be bored, depressed and fed up with life. Things to get you saying “Ooh . . . why didn't I think of that!”

Say goodbye to that dry, dull, dead feeling for good. Say goodbye to that despondent thought or feeling of emptiness or loneliness you have been experiencing. It's time to look your boredom in the face and smile like you've just won the lottery. It's time things changed, get this book and give your boredom the punch it deserves!
38 printed pages
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Lexis Tuco
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