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Louise Dixon

The Cooks' Book

Whether you want to get back to basics, throw away the ready-meals and cook some traditional tasties, or you are simply interested in studying the old tried-and-tested methods used in the good old days, The Cooks' Book has the wisdom and advice of the trained chef at your disposal. This book is a treasure trove of information that will bring out the best in everyone in the kitchen. From advice on food hygiene, handling and preparation to techniques and tricks to help your bread rise and your pies taste just like Grandma made them. Also includes, old, new ­— and some surprising ­— uses for store cupboard staples, some tips and tricks for successful jams, preserves and pickles and important storage and reheating advice at your fingertips.
154 printed pages
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Michael O'Mara Books
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    Геннадий Тильберманhas quoted7 years ago
    • Don’t cut fruit and vegetables into small pieces as this exposes more of the surface to the air and nutrients are lost.

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