Valerie Aikman-Smith

Juicy Drinks

No store-bought carton boasts juices as fresh, flavorful, and nutritious as those you create in your own home. With today’s high-powered extractors and blenders, you can make all kinds of delicious drinks with just the flop of a switch.

Looking for a quick energy boost? Drink in the health benefits of just-pressed orange and carrot juice, a vitamin-packed green smoothies, or an invigorating wheatgrass elixir. Craving a refreshing cocktail? Craft pomeegranate cosmopolitans, watermelon mojitos, or cool cucumber-jalapeño gimlets. Have a sweet tooth? Blend icy treats such as kiwi frappés and strawberry daiquiris, or have fun freezing creamy raspberry ice pops, tangerine sorbet, or plum granita. You’ll find all these ideas and many more inside these pages.

The recipes chapters are organized by fruit and vegetable-inspired colors—purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, and green—and are filled with tempting photographs. IN the front of the book, you’ll find recommendations on choosing produce for juicing, from spring cherries and summer melons to autumn pears and winter citrus. You’ll also find tips and tricks for guaranteeing peak performance from your juice extractor and blender, and discover creative ideas, including infused simple syrups and imaginative ice cubes and garnishes.

It’s time to pull out your juicer or blender, check the fruit bowl and vegetable crisper, and get juicing. With the book and a jug of something fresh in the kitchen, you’re ready to creat all kinds of tasty juice-based drinks. Bottoms up!
93 printed pages
Original publication
Weldon Owen


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