Jargonaut Express: Essential Idioms for the Astute Business Speaker, Brian Ashcraft
Brian Ashcraft

Jargonaut Express: Essential Idioms for the Astute Business Speaker

Acquiring a list of useful idioms could take an individual several years to encounter. Countless experiences are consolidated here to make your business speak pop. The Jargonaut Express helps you be there in stride with business professionals who speak a common language. If you are going to use idiomatic expressions to add some color to your vocabulary, you should first know and understand exactly what it is you are saying so that you can say it with a boost of confidence. When done well, these colorful idioms can be highly-effective tools that should be part of everyone’s communication toolkit. The Jargonaut Express aims to not just provide a simple definition, but to also provide additional contextual information that makes each idiom stick. What you will find is an increased awareness of idiom usage and also be able to contribute a memorable story that you can relate when you hear these idiomatic gems in your company.
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