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Prevent and Treat Chronic and Acute Pains: NaturallyNaturally Pain Free

 It is my earnest aspiration to share with you the potency and effects of the raw foods and herbs; after all, Hippocrates warned us thousands of years ago: “Let your food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food”. Unfortunately, huge populations of people, especially Americans have failed to heed his warnings and we are suffering the untoward consequences with all sorts of debilitating diseases afflicting us.

I have lost more than 8kg over a year ago and have also become free from “pills” just by changing my dietary habits and become a student of nature.

I spent almost 27 years depending on steroid pills and painkillers’ medications to ease a chronic skin condition, Seborrhea dermatitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Regrettably, several Americans are ignorant of the fact that there is an intricate connection to all kinds of diseases and the sorts of the foods we choose to put into our mouths or not.

One of the biggest challenges in getting a good pain reliever is that they so often have negative health effects. Full of chemicals and toxins that are actually harmful to the liver and may be addictive and usually mask the pain temporarily.

It is becoming increasingly clear that natural treatments are the most effective weapon for relieving all kind of body aches.  In “Naturally PAIN-FREE”  Spencer Garret reveals for the first time, the hidden information that will free you from chronic pain with the use of common herbs and foods in your kitchen!

In my own journey to reclaim my health, I found and witnessed the astounding effects of eliminating highly inflammatory foods from my meal. I got off the steroid pills which had been part of my own life for a whole 27 years to relieve my relentless skin condition and rheumatoid arthritis. I knew that by lowering inflammation in the body, joint and muscle pain drastically vanish as the body regains its balance. If you want to treat your pain, you need to attack its root cause.

I wrote this book to provide you with the hottest information that will help your own journey of easing your bodily pains and aches. This guide details all you need to know to free yourself from chronic back and joint pains including a headache, migraine, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuritis,(nerve pain),  and carpal tunnel syndrome. You will discover for the time in your life, what to do to live a “medicine free” life. It is an excellent book that detailed a simple pain-free a revolutionary method for stopping chronic pain.

Whether you've dealt with a lifetime of chronic aches and pains or suffer from a specific ailment, when you're in continuous pain, relief is the only thing on your mind.

It is my passion to help individuals heal their own bodies through food no matter what their disappointment with the medical profession. The herbs and foods I mentioned in this book can easily be gotten in health food stores. It is my foremost goal to educate people on how foods promote health and protect against diseases. I earnestly wish you success with your new way of life.

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