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Alchemy of Herbal Medicine

Do you know that you can tremendously improve your brain health and memory with ginseng? How about calming your tense nerves and anxiety with chamomile? For ages, people have utilized herbs and other plants for thousands of years to optimize their health and life.

This practical guide shows you the eternal healing power of the finest herbs and natural remedies available today. With this guide, you have the information you need to enjoy a happier, healthier life!

Herbs can be found everywhere vegetation is.

In ancient times, humans and especially animals find succor in herbs as remedies for their day to day ailments. Sadly as medicine became modernized, mankind moved away from nature with untoward consequences.

Unknown to several individuals, relief is just too close to them if you only they have appropriate of knowledge of herbal medicine natural remedies. Diseases and injuries of all kinds are certain to interfere with your everyday activities.

Spencer Garret has put together for the first time in human history a complete natural remedies book.

She highlighted easy-to-use effective and safe natural remedies when you need them most.

This natural remedies book 'Alchemy of Herbal Medicines' Volume I & II offers natural remedies (1300 in all) at your fingertips, with: A simple-to-navigate A-to-Z reference guide for natural remedies for anxiety; natural remedies for cough; natural remedies uti; natural remedies yeast infection; natural remedies heartburn; natural remedies for constipation; natural remedies for headaches; natural remedies for acid reflux; natural remedies for depression; natural remedies high blood pressure; natural remedies for allergies; natural remedies ear infection; natural remedies for cold; natural remedies to sleep; natural remedies sinus infection; natural remedies for gout; natural remedies for eczema; natural remedies for asthma; natural remedies pink eye; natural remedies for nausea; natural remedies ed; natural remedies to lower blood pressure; natural remedies vertigo; natural remedies hypothyroidism; natural remedies insomnia; natural remedies poison ivy;  natural remedies rosacea; natural remedies gallstones; natural remedies rheumatoid arthritis; natural remedies for thrush; natural remedies dry eyes; natural remedies joint pain; natural remedies restless leg syndrome; natural remedies kidney infection; natural remedies stomach ache; natural remedies hot flashes; natural remedies bipolar; natural remedies neuropathy; natural remedies hyperthyroidism; natural remedies nerve pain; natural remedies bad breath; natural remedies overactive bladder; natural remedies pms; natural remedies reflux; natural remedies itchy scalp; natural remedies genital herpes; natural remedies gallbladder; natural remedies nail fungus; natural remedies to lower cholesterol; natural remedies motion sickness; natural remedies nasal congestion; natural natural remedies quit smoking; natural remedies to lower blood sugar and several other natural remedies for diseases.

This is a compendium of natural remedies individuals required to live a healthy and
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  • jennnutyhas quoted5 years ago
    Basic Recommendations for a Healthy Scalp
    1. Eat a balanced diet that contains about 50 to 70% of natural foods.
    2. Run away from fried foods, flour, chocolate, nuts, dairy products, sugar, and seafood.
    3. Picking or scratching your scalp would definitely your make dandruff becomes worst; therefore do not pick or scratch.
    4. Stay clear of soaps, greasy ointments, and creams.
    5. Do not disregard the condition. Several people do not pay attention until when dandruff and itchy just scratched. Not giving attention to dandruff can lead to accumulation of flaking in creating itchy scalp, thus increasing craving for scratching which may harm, over time, the scalp.
    6. Consumption of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. An individual with dandruff should eat a diet of raw foods, principally fruits, and vegetables.
    7. Shun tea, coffee, refined foods, condiments, and canned food. The person having dandruff should not be eating meat, sugar, white flour, tea or coffee, and processed foods.
    8. Keep hair and scalp clean so as to prevent accumulation of dead cells
    9. Brush each day to improve circulation.
  • jennnutyhas quoted5 years ago
    23. Washing hair with fenugreek seed paste prevents dandruff, baldness falling hair, and keeping the hair long, healthy and black. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in water to become softer and grind in the morning to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on scalp and hair and let it stay on for half an hour. Then wash off.
    24. Beat 2 eggs and pour 2 tablespoons of water to it. Wet your hair and then apply the egg mixture on the hair. Massage your scalp and leave the mixture on for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Then clean the hair with tepid water. This will hinder both dandruff and hair fall problem from you.
    25. Soak 4-5 tablets of camphor in your coconut oil to keep dandruff and lice in check.
    26. To get rid of dandruff use the following mixture of one or two times a week. Allow the mixture to stay for 20 to 25 minutes before washing off with a mild soap. Warm a mixture of 1 tablespoonful of curds, 2 teaspoonfuls of oil and 1 teaspoonful of lemon juice together.
    27. Herbal conditioner for dandruff.
    1 teaspoonful of chamomile flowers.
    1 teaspoonful of lavender flowers.
    1 teaspoonful of rosemary leaves.
    1 tablespoonful of vinegar.
    6 drops of sage essential oil.
    1 pint of water.
    1 teaspoonful of burdock root.
    1 teaspoonful of calendula flowers.
    Bring your water to boil and add the boiled water to the herbs. Infuse for 20 minutes, then sieved and add vinegar to the mixture. Apply to the scalp every day.
    28. Prepare a paste by mixing 8 tablespoonfuls of pure organic peanut oil and a half tablespoonful of the lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your hair before washing, and massage it into your scalp. Let it on for ten minutes and then typically shampoo your hair.
    29. To clean your hair apply 1/4 cup of vinegar blended with 1/4 cup of water.
    30. Prepare a celery tonic dandruff by boiling one liter of water. Once the boiling point is reached; added some leaves and stems of celery. Let it is boil for five minutes. Permit the liquid to settle and then applied to your scalp
    31. Boil the roots of beetroot (specifically the most recommended to tackle dandruff is white) in water. Massage this water on the scalp with the fingertips each night.
    32. Water down cider vinegar with an equal amount of water and apply this mixture by mixing it with the rinse water.
    33. Made a rinse with 3 tablespoons of dried thyme in one cup of water which must boil for 10 minutes. Pour the mixture over the hair clean and free rinsing. Apply this preparation every time you wash your hair.
    34. Prepare an herbal hair treatment with a tablespoon of almond oil which should be warm lightly. Open the hair to root and apply it directly on the scalp using a cotton ball. Wear a plastic cap on the scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then after this time, you wash your hair. Take note that, this treatment should only be used once a week to remove the scales and enhances scalp. Using the mixture more than once a week will cause harm to your hair.
  • jennnutyhas quoted5 years ago
    Herbal Remedies
    1. Apply flaxseed oil, primrose oil or salmon oil, they help ease itching and inflammation. They also encourage healthy skin and scalp.
    2. Blend two portions of Asteraceae leaves juice and 1 portion of sesame seed oil. Heat the mixture together and then filter the oil; to become a high-quality mixture. Apply the oil on your scalp and Massage your scalp thoroughly.
    Then permit the oil to stay for a period of 2 to 3 hours. This approach will help to remove dandruff absolutely.
    3. Continue to mix water with the pulp extracted from Balanites Aegyptiaca fruit until foam appear. Apply the resulting mixture to hair scalp and wash your hair after some time. This also removes dandruff correctly.
    4. Fenugreek paste applied on the scalp just one hour before having bath helps to surmount Dandruff problem.
    5. Massaging the scalp with lemon juice for an hour before having bath helps to trounce Dandruff.
    6. Sour curd applied on the scalp ten minutes prior to taking bath helps to eliminate Dandruff.
    7. Soap nut when used for washing hair bring relief from Dandruff.
    8. Indian gooseberries paste when applied on the scalp before going to the bathroom bring succor from Dandruff.
    9. Hibiscus leaves boiled in a little amount of water and used in conjunction with Shikaki as a hair wash as an alternative to soap and shampoo aid in reducing the menace of Dandruff. This is a complete herbal hair conditioner.
    10. Gram flour combined with curd and applied on the scalp before taking bath helps to get rid of Dandruff.
    11. Beetroot leaves when boiled and used for washing hairs helps to remove Dandruff.
    12. Neem paste blended with Basil paste used on the scalp helps to eradicate Dandruff.
    13. Apply ground pigeon pea on the scalp before going for bath helps to do away with Dandruff.
    14. Crushed raw papaya paste should be applied on the scalp ten minutes before heading to the bathroom. This is very helpful. This process helps in the exfoliation of dandruff flakes and prevents fungal growth. Papaya contains an enzyme known as papain which is extremely useful in reducing dandruff and hair fall condition.
    15. Bring fresh Neem leaves to boil in water for 1/2 hour. Sieve the liquid and allow it to cool; then apply the juice on hair and soak for ten minutes. Wash it off while bathing.
    16. Taking kelp does improve the hair growth and heal the scalp.
    17. Use Vitamin B complex plus extra Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, all the B vitamins are essential to have healthy skin and hair.
    18. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that aid in improving dry scalp, thus take it.
    19. Take Vitamin E because it improves the blood circulation.
    20. Take Vitamin A because of its ability to prevent dry skin and enhance the healing of tissue.
    21. Take Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids, they are important for preventing tissue damage to the scalp and is good for healing.
    22. Rinse your hair using an infusion of Chaparral or Thyme. It is gentler on your hair.

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