Barbara Cartland

Joined By Love

Beautiful Lady Lucilla Welton is all alone in the world, having lost both her parents in a tragic accident. She has nowhere to go and so she stays with her cruel and distant Aunt Maud, who wants to marry her off as soon as possible. An ardent suitor is at hand — the rich Texan, Harkness Jackson — but his proposal is not one Lucilla could ever contemplate.
She has already met the only man who will ever find the key to her heart — but the handsome Marquis of Castlebury is enthralled by another and for him, Lucilla seems to be no more than a casual friend. She accepts the Marquis’s invitation to visit Paris with him and her old Nanny comes as chaperone. She is enchanted to be with him, but dark clouds are gathering. And, once Harkness Jackson has found out where she is, the odds against Lucilla ever finding happiness grow longer and longer.
She flees the persistent American and the Marquis believes that she has run away with him. She is taken in by her maid from her hotel and her artist brother, who paints her and the portrait catches the eye of the Parisian art world — and the Marquis.
Will Lucilla ever find true love with the man she adores? Will the Marquis finally come to his senses and follow his heart?
All is revealed in this exciting, heart-stopping romance by BARBARA CARTLAND.
145 printed pages
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Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd.
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  • Lady Arachniashared an impression4 years ago
    🙈Lost On Me
    🔮Hidden Depths
    💞Loved Up


  • stephensonanniehas quoted7 years ago
    Grey is a dull, lifeless and mediocre colour and it can hide unattractive and demeaning emotions. For me the glorious colour pink means the joy of life, the deep spiritual love between a man and a woman, the gentleness and intensity of a first kiss. Above all pink is the colour of love since time began and it will always be the same.”
    Barbara Cartland

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