Barbara Cartland

Love Came From Heaven

Some girls can wait a lifetime for one man to fall in love with them, but Selena Norton is so pretty that every man she meets is promptly smitten – including those who are attached to others. Angered at gentlemen showering her with flowery compliments and unwanted kisses, Selena longs for someone to see past her beautiful face and appreciate the intelligent, loyal, fun girl inside. Rescued by the chivalrous, but penniless, Earl of Wakefield from the lecherous clutches of yet another unwanted suitor, Lord Tavener, Selena is delighted to finally meet a man who seems to seek only friendship. And it seems that her life is finally about to change for the better when the Earl introduces her to Miss Jerrold, a famous garden designer, who is renovating the gardens at the Earl's country home. Thrilled with the opportunity to indulge her passion for horticulture and finally take control of her own destiny, Selena jumps at the chance to live on the estate and become her assistant. Safe, happy and secretly in love for the first time, Selena cannot believe the joy that the Earl has bought into her life. But fate has a nasty surprise in store for her in the shape of the odious Lord Taverner. Smarting with rejection, he does his best to ruin her newly found happiness, determined to have his way. As danger threatens, putting everything and everyone she cares about at risk, will honesty, resourcefulness and tenacity win out? Or will her nemesis, Lord Tavener finally wreak his revenge?
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    Farida Yasserhas quoted2 years ago
    Who would have thought on the ferry this morning that by this evening my life would have changed so much?’
    fatimahj07has quoted4 years ago
    In the first cage was the tiger that had excited the child. Long and lean with striking black stripes, it prowled up and down its cage, its amber eyes taking in everything.
    Selena stood entranced.
    “Hello,” she called out in a calm voice.
    The tiger stopped its pacing and looked at her. She spoke to it again and moved closer and the tiger behind its bars pushed its head towards her in a yearning way.
    She continued talking to the tiger, holding its gaze with her eyes and then stuck out her hand, intending to try and stroke its head.
    Immediately she was pulled away from the cage by one of the circus workers.
    “Don’t do that, miss, you’ll lose it,” he warned her.
    “He seems so sad,” sighed Selena, looking back at the tiger, which had now settled down onto the floor of the cage still gazing at her.
    “He’s not really savage, is he?”
    “Not with me, miss, but then ’e knows me, see? So long as ’e’s kept fed and watered, ’e’s all right.”
    stephensonanniehas quoted5 years ago
    “If love does not come from Heaven, I cannot think where else it could possibly come from.”
    Barbara Cartland

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