Barbara Cartland

The Winning Post Is Love

Lord Waincliffe breaks his horse's bridle out riding one day and calls
at the nearest house for help so that he can ride home safely.
It belongs to Terence Stourton, a Professor of Literature, and he meets
his daughter, Rosetta, who repairs the bridle for him.
Not only does he think that Rosetta is the most beautiful girl he has ever
seen, but he feels there is something unusual about her. Only when he returns home
does he realise that she bears an extraordinary resemblance to his sister, Dolina.
Lord Waincliffe and his brother, Henry, are finding it very difficult to afford
their house and estate and they have the idea that the Marquis of Millbrook, who lives
nearby and is very rich, could help them build a Racecourse on both their estates that
would solve all their financial woes.
So they invite the Marquis, who is known for his love of beautiful women,
and they expect their lovely sister to help them persuade him, but Dolina insists on going to London for a ball instead.
They enlist Rosetta to impersonate Dolina for the evening and the Marquis
is so deeply impressed by her and her beauty that he agrees to fund the Racecourse.
Then the problems for Rosetta really begin and when all seems impossible
and her heart is forever broken, everything is resolved in this fascinating and intriguing
150 printed pages
Original publication


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