Pretty Little Liars: Ali's Pretty Little Lies, Sara Shepard
Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars: Ali's Pretty Little Lies

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Perfect for fans of the #1 New York Times bestselling series and the hit ABC Family TV show, this Pretty Little Liars prequel novel reveals Ali's secrets from before she was murdered.
Rewind a few years to seventh grade: Alison DiLaurentis and her friends are the It girls of Rosewood Day. Boys want to date them. Girls want to be them. But even though they seem to have it all, these girls are hiding some major secrets—especially Ali. She knows better than anyone that if the truth gets out, it will ruin everything.
Set in the weeks before Ali's murder, Ali's Pretty Little Lies is the first Pretty Little Liars novel told entirely from Ali's point of view. After all, who better to tell her story than Ali herself, the prettiest little liar of all?
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240 printed pages


Anh Duyen Dang
Anh Duyen Dangshared an impression4 years ago

This book were really good. It tell every little secret s that Ali had kept

Anjashared an impression23 days ago
👍Worth reading


Nay Jett
Nay Jetthas quoted5 months ago
f you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.
marinichevavahas quotedlast year
Now all the pieces were fitting into place . . . excep
Мага Биджиев
Мага Биджиевhas quoted3 years ago
Ali answered. But when Nick passed her a gun, she balked. It was huge.
Nick giggled. “You don’t have to act like a girl around me. I remember you kicking butt on paintball day at camp.”
Ali clutched the gun to her chest and stood up straighter. She’d never played paintball in her life, but Nick couldn’t know that. She

Али ответил. Но когда Ник передал ей пистолет, она заартачится. Оно было огромным.
Ник хихикнул. “Вы не должны вести себя как девочка вокруг меня. Я помню, как ты надерем на пейнтбол день в лагере”.
Али прижал пистолет к ее груди и встал прямее. Она никогда не играли в пейнтбол в жизни, но ник не мог знать, что. Она

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