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Summary: Building Strong Brands – David Aaker

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The must-read summary of David Aaker's book: “Building Strong Brands: How the Best Brand Managers Build Brand Equity”.This summary of the ideas from David Aaker's book “Build Strong Brands” shows that a strong brand creates customer interest and loyalty, and can be an organization’s most valuable strategic asset. In fact, brand equity is historical – the current brand image is derived from actions previously taken. Therefore, the process of adding value to a brand so that it has greater equity in the future is termed a brand identity program. Through the integration of additional product attributes, organizational attributes, personality characteristics and visual imagery, including symbols, the brand identity program adds value to the brand in the future. In essence this summary highlights that a strong brand is the strategic asset which holds the key to the long-term performance of any organization; any initiative focused on building the value of the brand is integral to the long-term viability of the organization itself. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the key concepts • Increase your business knowledgeTo learn more, read “Building Strong Brands” and discover a useful book to develop successful organizations.
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    Klavdia Ilyinahas quoted5 years ago
    A sub-brand simply distinguishes part of a product line. Good sub-brands add value by:
    Describing a key feature, a target segment or a function.
    Clarifying the niche being targeted by a product.
    Creating associations for new product lines.
    Exploiting emerging opportunities cost-effectively.
    Facilitating vertical and horizontal market extensions.
    Klavdia Ilyinahas quoted5 years ago
    The value of a change always needs to be balanced with the value of consistency and the power of a hard-earned heritage.”
    Klavdia Ilyinahas quoted5 years ago
    How can a brand evolve without losing existing value?

    By introducing updated symbols with the same meanings.
    By shortening or clarifying the brand name.
    By updating a slogan while remaining consistent.
    By introducing new products in its specialist field.
    By adding extended dimensions and elements to the brand.
    By adding new emotional benefits.
    Through using sub-brands or co-branding arrangements.
    By providing links back to essential heritage elements.

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