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Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts

This book contains as many as 460 inspiring quotes classified in well defined 19 groups. This classification itself indicates that all major aspects in human life have been covered. Even a cursory reading of some quotes will convince the reader that in a small space it presents a mine of wisdom that will always be inspiring. To one who is passing through some major difficulties and as a result feeling depressed and confused, this book 'Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts' would bring him out of that disturbed mental state. It will instil in him confidence, inspiration as well as positive outlook that are so much needed for success and happiness in life. #v&spublishers
65 printed pages
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  • b3539291001has quoted4 years ago
    Don’t talk about yourself; it will be done when you leave
  • b3539291001has quoted4 years ago
    Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinary well
  • denismustajbasichas quoted6 years ago
    Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organised life.
    – Immaneul Icant

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