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Anne Linden

Boundaries in Human Relationships

The most important distinction we can ever make in our lives is between who we are as an individual and our connection with others. Can we truly love another and be a whole, complete and unique person? How do we know the difference between our fear and a partner's or between our past anger and our here-and-now anger? The answer lies with boundaries — and this is a practical guide to unlocking these mysteries.
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  • DEJA.has quoted7 years ago
    true confidence is not about never making mistakes: it’s about being able to make a mistake and being confident that you can deal with it and learn.
  • Anushik Кукуянhas quoted5 years ago
    Even the ancient redwoods change over time. It is your relationship with Time that enables you to perceive and experience yourself as a dynamic, ever-moving, ever-changing process.
  • Anushik Кукуянhas quoted5 years ago
    Through Time.” This is when you experience yourself as continually changing, as infinitely capable of evolving.

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