Colm O'Connor

The Courage to Be Happy

We live in an age in which unhappiness, depression, stress and anxiety are everywhere. We struggle with things like bad relationships, work pressure, low self-esteem, worry and helplessness. The list is endless, because everyone is unhappy for different reasons.
Whatever the causes of your unhappiness, this book will lay out a way of looking at yourself that can transform your psychology and behaviour.
Presenting the 'why', 'what' and 'how' of happiness, Colm O'Connor will inspire you to take your emotional well-being seriously and show you how to build essential happiness-enhancing disciplines into everyday life. In showing how we need to 'do happiness' rather than how to 'get happiness' you will discover a new way to help awaken your innate happiness and well-being in a deeply human and practical way.
Inside you will find a list of the 21 things that are essential for happiness, the 15 principles of happiness, and a method that is easy to integrate with daily routines.
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359 printed pages
Original publication
Gill Books

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    Adnan Afaqhas quoted3 months ago
    I am talking here about the ordeal of getting up early to exercise, turning away from the fridge when hungry, talking to your partner when you don’t want to, acting positive when you feel depressed and, basically, doing the little things you don’t want to do
    supernovahas quoted2 years ago
    inhabiting the vulnerability of life
    Alba Spahihas quoted3 years ago
    The book will challenge you to see that the absence of a passionate self-discipline in important areas of your life has been your greatest weakness.

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