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Summary: Zero to One

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The must-read summary of Peter Thiel and Blake Masters' book: “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future”.This complete summary of the ideas from Peter Thiel and Blake Masters' book “Zero to One” shows how many companies believe the key to innovation is improving things that already exist. According to Thiel and Masters, this isn’t innovation at all. Real innovation means going from zero to one, creating a completely new thing that hasn't been seen before. To help you, the authors detail ten key concepts to keep in mind:1. Start from scratch2. Become a monopoly3. The appeal of competition4. The last-mover advantage5. Success is not a lottery6. The power law7. The role of secrets8. Culture and sales9. Man and computers10. The founder’s paradoxThis summary will teach you how you can use these ten principles to think more innovatively and create new ideas.Added-value of this summary:• Save time • Be a pioneer in true innovation• Create brand new products for a successful businessTo learn more, read “Zero to One” and find out how you can practice real innovation to create a brand new product that sells!
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True innovation means going from zero to one – creating new, fresh and probably strange things that have never before been seen. It's usually technology which facilitates these innovations and the underlying theme of advances in technology is most often finding practical ways to do more with less.
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