A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson

A Return to Love

259 printed pages
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Back by popular demand — and newly updated by the author — the mega-bestselling spiritual guide in which Marianne Williamson shares her reflections on A Course in Miracles and her insights on the application of love in the search for inner peace.
Williamson reveals how we each can become a miracle worker by accepting God and by the expression of love in our daily lives. Whether psychic pain is in the area of relationships, career, or health, she shows us how love is a potent force, the key to inner peace, and how by practicing love we can make our own lives more fulfilling while creating a more peaceful and loving world for our children.
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A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson
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Gabo Hernandez
Gabo Hernandezshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading
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El mejor libro 😱😱😱😍

Meaning doesn’t lie in things. Meaning lies in us. When we attach value to things that aren’t love—the
I’d pray, “God, please help me. Heal my mind. Wherever my thoughts have strayed from love—if I’ve been controlling, manipulative, greedy, ambitious for myself—whatever it is, I’m willing to see this differently. Amen.”
“Dear God, please let us fall in love, or please give me this job,” we say, “Dear God, my desire, my priority is inner peace. I want the experience of love. I don’t know what would bring that to me. I leave the results of this situation in your hands. I trust your will. May your will be done. Amen.”
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