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Marianne Williamson

A Return to Love

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Back by popular demand — and newly updated by the author — the mega-bestselling spiritual guide in which Marianne Williamson shares her reflections on A Course in Miracles and her insights on the application of love in the search for inner peace.
Williamson reveals how we each can become a miracle worker by accepting God and by the expression of love in our daily lives. Whether psychic pain is in the area of relationships, career, or health, she shows us how love is a potent force, the key to inner peace, and how by practicing love we can make our own lives more fulfilling while creating a more peaceful and loving world for our children.
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    Chhavi Dishavarshared an impression2 years ago
    💞Loved Up

    I love the title of the book... i really love it

    Gabo Hernandezshared an impression5 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    🔮Hidden Depths

    El mejor libro 😱😱😱😍

    Peter Møllershared an impression4 months ago
    👍Worth reading


    Gabo Hernandezhas quoted5 years ago
    The ego is our self-love turned into self-hatred.
    b4181472325has quoted6 years ago
    are our wounds—the places where we feel we can’t love any more, can’t connect any more deeply, can’t forgive past a certain point.
    May Trinandahas quotedlast year
    I have written it with an open heart. I hope you’ll read it with an open mind.

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