Teresa Sloat

Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook Vol. 4 Dessert And Side Dish Recipes

The recipes collected here are a combination of handed down recipes and original recipes. There are many pie, cake, tarts and bar recipes to serve from family to church socials. The side dishes range from breads to potatoes. All of these delectable recipes are cooked in your trusted cast iron skillet.
The desserts created here are easy and contain mostly normal staples of the kitchen cupboard. The only thing additional would be fruits and other ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips or rare ingredients pertinent to only that recipe. You are able to whip up a wonder cake with flour, sugar, milk and vanilla extract if you want a plain cake recipe. There is always creation with your cast iron skillet and a little knowledge of cooking.
The side dishes included here are also staples found in your kitchen with added seasonal vegetables. Side dishes are the creation of the cook. Make ahead or at the time of the meal. Either way, the dishes will turn out wonderful.
Get out the cast iron skillet, don your apron and let’s begin. The aromas coming from your kitchen will lure the family members one by one to the kitchen. The hunger pangs will have their mouths watering, waiting to enjoy the delectable recipes you are preparing!
Let us begin cooking!
27 printed pages
Original publication



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